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New Online Slot Sites for UK Customers

Online casinos have been around for years. Most online casinos offer payout rates that a very close to those of actual casinos. Sometimes online casinos may even have a higher payout than a traditional casino. Many people enjoy playing on these sites instead of going to an actual casino because they still get the thrill of the games as well as the potential to earn some money. There are quite a few new up and coming online casinos that are definitely worth taking a few minutes to check out.

There are many new slot sites that are opening up their doors to players. With more news ones each day the playing opportunities are endless. Different casino sights also have different options of how to play their games. Some you can just go to the website and play. On others you have to download their software to be able to access the games. Having a live dealer is also another option. An actual person will run the game from a casino table in real time. Most sites will have this information on their main page, letting you know if you will need to download their software or not. While some offer new casino bonuses and others have certain games, they all will prove to be a lot of fun.

Lincoln Casino

Launched in 2020 this casino is offering a 100% welcome bonus with up to $1000 free. They have table games, slots, video poker, blackjack, and many more offered by their Wager Gaming Technology or WGT software. They also have several different options for deposits and withdrawals, which makes it very nice for the players.


BingBang Casino

BigBang is offering a 100% welcome bonus with up to $265 free. Some of their games offered include blackjack, roulette, poker tables, progressive slots, and lots of others. A variety of different withdrawal and deposit options are also available.

Desert Nights Rival Casino

Even though they don’t have as many games as some of their competition, you are sure to have fun at this casino with over 120 selections of games. Desert Nights also has some games that are strictly unique to them and not offered anywhere else. They offer up to $1000 sign up bonus.


Cleo’s VIP Room

This new casino offers a $100 sign up bonus to its players. They have various games like video poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack. Cleo’s often offers incentives such as free credits, which can be used to win cash prizes, and also VS credits, which can be used to buy designer handbags, jewelry, and more. They also have a good selection for deposits and withdrawals.

Crystal Casino Club

Crystal Casino club offers a welcome bonus of $15 free with no deposit. They also have quite a few other bonuses that they offer to intrigue new players. Some of the games available here are video poker, slots, baccarat games, and roulette. They have a $20 minimum withdrawal and have American Express, Visa, Skrill, and MasterCard available as their deposit and withdrawal options.


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